Events May 2023

By AFM Staff – May 1, 2023

May 5th – 6th


Utopian societies get a bad rap, but utopian music festivals might be everything they promise to be. At this experience-centered UTOPiAfest, attendees can expect positive energy, friends who were once strangers, enough room to dance and shorter lines. They strive to create a music festival that’s “seamless, effortless and timeless.” Come visit Reveille Peak Ranch for an experience you won’t forget.

May 6th – 7th

Pecan Street Festival

The first part of this festival series begins this spring with the Pecan Street Festival. Seated on 6th Street between Brazos Street and I-35, this festival is one of the largest arts/crafts and music festivals in the country; it’s also one of the longest-running festivals here. Fun fact: the name comes from 6th Street’s original name, Pecan Street.

May 13th

46th Annual O. Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships

Another year, another pun. This year marks the 46th year of the Pun-Off World Championships put on by the O. Henry Museum. Austin’s funniest pun masters, jokesters and probably cheesy dads will be competing in the various contests, so you won’t want to miss this! The competitions will take place at the Hilton Austin from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 2:30 to 6 p.m., along with live music and an auction during the day.

May 13th

iHeartCountry Festival

Austin may be a growing city of tech, art and fashion, but it will always have its beginnings in the culture of country. This year’s iHeartCountry Festival will be the place to celebrate the city’s heritage in cowboy boots and country roots. Attendees will be able to enjoy famous country stars like Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and more! Tickets can be found online.

May 19th – 20th

Seismic Spring

This dance party of the year comes in the fall in the form of a dance party, but thankfully, Austinites get a lite version of the event in the spring as well. At this techno music festival, guests will get to explore the underground and party all night. Tickets can be purchased online.

May 21st

Mimosa Fest

Austinites love mimosas almost as much as they love their brunch, but luckily, you can’t have one without the other! At this year’s Mimosa Fest, guests will have the option to sip, stand and sway to the music. The event will be held at Wanderlust Wine Company and tickets can be purchased online.

May 25th – 28th

Hot Luck Festival

This year’s Hot Luck Festival offers the Whole Enchilada! This food and music fest offers the Whole Enchilada ticket package, which offers the “most complete experience,” including early access to food, music and Thursday night kickoff. But even if you don’t get that pass, this fest will still be worth the hype! Held on Memorial Day Weekend, this jumbo-sized event provides a jumbo-sized experience.


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