Hike the Slaughter Creek Trail

By AFM – March 1, 2014
photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

It’s great to find a route that works for a pleasant hike, a nice short run, and a fun loop on the mountain bike…or horse. MapMyFitness ambassador Jake Morse shares a trail that’s off the beaten path; visit http://ow.ly/thCer to see the complete instructions.

Shake the city off by getting your hike on at the Slaughter Creek Trail in South Austin.

Slaughter Creek Trail is a little-known trail system south of Austin’s city center.  The three-mile (and some change) route, built and managed by the Austin Ridge Riders, is perfect for those looking to relax and catch some compelling vistas in the meantime. You’ll find runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders out there. To keep everybody safe, mountain bikers are asked to ride the loop clockwise while everyone else runs, walks, and rides a horse counter-clockwise.

Parking is limited to about 20 spots, which makes it an ideal early morning excursion. Slaughter Creek Trail is tucked off of FM 1826, so keep your eyes peeled as you head out; if it’s been wet and rainy, check their Facebook page (Slaughter Creek Trail) for updates before you go, as water seeps can cause the park to close.

Some of the sights along the crushed granite trail include fields of natural wild-flowers, the Trautwein Homestead (where the loop begins and ends), and the usual cast of Hill Country critters, including frogs, birds, foxes, and deer.

If you’re enjoying yourself, you can add on another portion of trail and bring the route to around five miles in length. Also, leave your furry friend at home—for safety’s sake, no dogs are allowed on this trail.


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