Running Hills

By Drew Terry – July 1, 2023

I’m a HUGE fan of short but steep hill training. The workouts are quick but my calves are torn up (in a good way) every time. Here are some hills around Austin you might like. Click on the names below to link to each map.

Hill of Life

The Hill of Life is located on the Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail. This hill is about half a mile and you will ascend about 285 ft. You’re sure to run into several others climbing this hill as long as it’s not midday in July – the heat is for REAL.

Distance: 0.5 Miles
Elevation: 285 ft

Mount Bonnell Steps

Mount Bonnell, also known as Covert Park, is a prominent landmark located in Austin, Texas. To reach the summit, you can take a moderately inclined trail on the northern side of the hill, but we love this run for the 102 stone steps straight to the top. A few rounds of this gets you a great workout.

Distance: 203 ft
Elevation: 56 ft

Ladera Norte

Take a trip over to 360 just north of the Pennybacker Bridge to Ladera Norte. This hill is under 1 mile but climbs 322 ft. You’ll be running right through a neighborhood so say “howdy” and wave as you pass the neighbors!

Distance: 0.6 Miles
Elevation: 322 ft

Big View Drive

Big View Drive is a bit of a hike but worth the trip if you want to explore new areas. The climb is about half a mile long and rises 279 ft. As you walk down for another set you’ll have great view of the Austin hill country.

Distance: 0.5 Miles
Elevation: 279 ft

7th Street

This is a fun one. There is a small strip of 7th street on the west side of Lamar I used to do repeats on whenever I had the chance. It’s really short. Only 354 ft in distance but 52 ft in elevation. 20 minutes and 10 trips up the hill and I’m ready to go have a beer.

Distance: 354 ft
Elevation: 52 ft

Jester Boulevard

As you enter Jester Estates off of 2222 east of 360, there is a nice little sidewalk to keep you out of the traffic as you run. Jester Boulevard is about 0.4 miles and ascends 259 ft.

Distance: 0.4 Miles
Elevation: 259 ft

West Courtyard

After you check out Jester above, head just around the corner to West Courtyard for a 0.6 mile hill that climbs 328 ft…I’m already tired just thinking about it.

Distance: 0.6 Miles
Elevation: 328 ft

I hope you get a chance to check out some of these runs, your legs will love/hate you for it.

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