Ambassador’s Corner: Athletic Outcomes Recap

By Jason Bourgeois – January 1, 2021
Brian Fitzsimmons

Hello AFM!

My name is Jason. I’m a corporate ops trainer, educator/coach, inspiration junkie, uncle and learning enthusiast, and my favorite thing about Austin is the multitude of training and recovery options that are available all throughout the city. As an AFM ambassador, I’m looking forward to experiencing Austin’s mecca of fitness and wellness, and we hope these reviews shed light on the training options available in the area so you find what you need to elevate your performance to the next level.

In addition to putting you on to Austin’s best and brightest, for each workout and recovery session I survived (I mean…completed), we are highlighting Central Texas Food Bank to support their efforts to respond to the ongoing presence of food insecurity in Austin. Please consider donating to help feed our community, because every dollar counts as we work to increase food access to those who are disproportionately impacted during this time.

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If you are looking for a studio to kick off your 2021 training and crush your fitness and recovery goals, then treat yourself and give Athletic Outcomes a go.

My 60-minute AO Experience

Thanks to Coach Chance Kittle, I was feeling the effects of this circuit two days later — and it hurt so good. The training session was a different story — a smoker of a workout in the best way.

The first thing that caught my attention was the intentional layout of the facility in response to COVID-19 (see COVID-19 considerations below), and you quickly realize your safety is priority one. 

What I liked: I like that AO has a theme for each class. For my training session, the theme was balance and agility. The themes for each class are provided online at the start of each week, so group fitness-goers can schedule their training sessions according to their training needs.

I was a big fan of the pace of class! This is not an all-or-nothing workout. It follows a progression of increasing intensity, and I appreciate this controlled format. Coach Chance told us exactly what to expect before we got into the circuit, which allowed us to work at our individual skill and fitness levels.

I appreciated the individual grids tape to show the designated space for each participant, and we remained in our grids throughout the duration of the training — #safetyfirst.

What I learned: A disposable mask is the way to go. After a few minutes into the class, I learned a cloth mask impedes my ability to breathe and recover significantly more than I expected, but I survived.

I’ll be the first to admit my form digressed around the third set, so I checked my ego and modified my expectations to stay within my limits. I’m all for any workout that safely takes me out of my comfort zone but offers modifications to adjust for a breakdown in form. 


  • Diagonal bound
  • Side-to-side plank
  • Vertical jump to broad jump
  • Bear crawl bird dog
  • Speed skater to knee drive
  • Runners posture pass-under with a lateral fly
  • Crossover step 

We completed 5 rounds of our circuit, consisting of 7 exercises. Our work-to-rest ratio was 40 seconds of work for each exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest after each exercise with 2 minutes rest at the end of each round of 7 exercises. 

I found the side-to-side plank and the bear crawl bird dog to be the most physically challenging exercises for me, and to my surprise, the diagonal bound and vertical jump to broad jump were far more aerobically taxing than I would have thought. Now, a small part of my struggles can be attributed to the choice of mask, but being slightly de-trained combined with a face covering quickly compounded, and by round 3, I was just holding on for the ride.  During this state of fatigue, I focused more on performing each exercise with my best form and less on completing the max number of reps at each exercise — finding the good in understanding my limitations, so I’m able to continue training and not be sidelined for days to come.  

Recovery Cold Tank

Following class, I opted to take a dip into the cold tub. The water temperature was set to 52 degrees fahrenheit … brrr.

I utilize the cold tub and other versions of cold therapy to supplement the recovery process by reducing inflammation, and this is part of my process for setting myself up for my next training session. Typically, I’ll sit 12 minutes in the cold tank, but this session I went for eight minutes. 

Recovery Compression Boots

Recovery boots … yes, please! I slipped into these puppies, and the compressed air gradually filled the boots, which created a massage effect. These are useful for before or after your training. They work to stimulate your vascular system and blood circulation, and they’re another tool available at Athletic Outcomes to supplement your performance. Increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to your muscles is ideal for full recovery. The intensity of the massage and duration is adjustable with the turn of a knob. 


Athletic Outcomes is a community that exists to help all who are seeking to achieve their peak performance and fitness goals. General fitness, sport-specific, and pre-and post-natal training are a few of the training offerings, and all are welcomed in their space. At AO, your safety is first and foremost, and they take elevating their performance and recovery just as seriously. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


The Rundown:

  • AO is located off of East Riverside Drive, just a few miles away from Downtown Austin
  • Coaches
    • Owners Brittaney and Pat Cook consistently deliver well-informed, clear and concise instructions to help you obtain all of your peak performance goals. They hire elite coaches to round out their supporting cast. Their instructors are professionals and pride themselves on leading the group and individual classes in such a way that everyone in the class knows and understands how to safely execute each movement. 
  • Class offerings
    • Morning, noon and evening group fitness instruction
    • Small-group training for those more interested in a smaller training session of groups limited to less than eight participants
    • Personal training
    • Pre and post-natal class offerings
    • Virtual, live, interactive and pre-recorded training sessions
    • Group classes are scalable for all fitness levels
  • Pricing
    • All purchases are made online, and you can choose the training package that best fits you
  • Class passers are welcomed

AO’s COVID-19 Considerations:

  • Expect a digital check-in prior to class
  • All equipment is sanitized following each use, and you’ll keep with your same equipment throughout the duration of your training
  • Contact-tracing prior to each training session, no matter the group or individual 

Masks are required the entire time you are inside the facility


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