February Fit Dates

By Monica Hand – February 1, 2021

It’s that time of the year again — love is in the air and everyone is rushing to find the perfect date spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other. Since things are already a little different this year in terms of pandemic-friendly options, why not try out something different? Here are a few ideas from AFM to shake things up and create a memorable, active date night for you and your special someone. 

 Take a dancing course with Austin Uptown Dance 

Photo courtesy of Austin Uptown Dance.

At Austin Uptown Dance, you can choose from several different courses, depending on your ideal dance. There’s salsa and swing — and you two can even take personal, private lessons with an instructor. Whether you’re hoping to learn a dance routine for a big event like a wedding (winky face), to impress your friends or simply to have a sweet pastime that includes being in each other’s arms, ballroom dancing is a great and graceful start. 

Run the Ascension Seton Marathon coming up in April

Even if you both don’t feel quite ready for a full marathon, there are also other distances offered, including a half marathon and 5k! Training together can add a healthy dose of competition into your dynamic — try competing for the most miles in a week or the fastest pace. If you’re just looking to train together (without the competition), head over to one of Austin’s many scenic trails to bond over the sweat and miles ahead. 

 Take a yoga class or try it at-home with a Yoga with Adriene video

Yoga is a deeply personal activity, as one connects their breath to movement and mind to body — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be shared with a partner. There are plenty of yoga studios around Austin, some with a more traditional focus and others with a modern take that incorporates weights or music. Try them out and see what you both enjoy the most. Or, if you’d rather stay home, find a video from local YouTube star Adriene Mishler. No matter how you two choose to practice, becoming more connected with yourself can, in turn, open you up to connect with others, i.e. your significant other. So, after a long day of work, slow things down and bring yourself back to center so that you both can connect sans the anxieties and pressures of life. 

Get in a round of golf (or mini-golf)

Golf can be the perfect couple’s sport. It’s a great time for chatting, playing a little competitive spirit, and it’s in the setting of a beautiful green space. There are several courses around Austin to choose from, depending on what sort of scenery you’re hoping for, as well as difficulty and overall price range. If you have a good chunk of time to set aside, go ahead and book 18 holes, or if you’d rather keep it casual, look into Topgolf for a simulated experience, or throw it back to Peter Pan and spend the day at the retro, BYOB putt-putt course. 

Take an intro to climbing course

climbing, atx

Photo by Brook Anderson.

With the newest fitness craze, bouldering and climbing gyms have popped up all over town. This total-body workout is a great way to challenge yourself as an individual while also supporting your partner in their attempts. You can find climbing 101 courses at most gyms and several companies that will take you out to locations to get you on real rock. Many of the initial practices and lessons involve trust and communication — perfect for any couple looking to build on their current relationship. It’s a no-brainer activity to help strengthen your bond and push you out of your comfort zone. 

Train at Ro Fitness for the upcoming 2000-meter race

Photo courtesy of Ro Fitness.

Every year around spring, the Texas Crew holds a 2000-meter race. Even though this year has changed things up a bit, Ro Fitness is still hosting the annual 2000-meter race in small heats at its Tarrytown location. Every year, the event draws people from all ages and fitness levels — so it’s a perfect time to try out a low-impact, rowing workout with an added competitive motivation. Training takes place at both the Tarrytown and Downtown locations. Make it a date and after training at the Downtown location, you can stop by at the neighboring Alta’s Café for a beer and view of Lady Bird Lake.


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