How Fit Are You? Redux

By Lou – August 7, 2012

After the dust settled at our first ever AFM FITTEST presented by Nexersys event on June 9, 2012, at Camp Mabry, the general consensus from spectators, sponsors, competitors, and staff was that it was a great event. We heard lots of comments about how much fun it was and how different it was from other events. Many people said they were already looking forward to doing it again next year. And while the performances were absolutely inspiring, what was really exciting about being there was seeing the camaraderie of the crowd as they cheered for their favorites through each test, pumped their arms with enthusiasm as they beat their own expectations, and laughed good naturedly when they stumbled or missed the mark. The passion and commitment in each performance and the positive attitudes of everyone involved are what I will always remember and these make me smile a lot. The bottom line is that what made this event a success was all of you and your celebration of fitness. Thanks so much!

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