Twitter is a Smoker's New Saving Grace

By AFM Team – April 1, 2015

Those who engage in conversation on Twitter while trying to quit smoking are more likely to stop, according to a new study released by the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Tweet2Quit, a Twitter-based intervention targeted at those looking to quit smoking, tested the theory out by assigning two separate, 20-person groups to communicate with each other over Twitter for 100 days. Participants received a free supply of nicotine patches as well as an unlimited amount of automated text messages. Subjects were required to tweet to their group once a day about their progress—a virtual version of a support group for the smokers. While the automated text messages encouraged conversation, there were no physicians contributing to the messages like there was on Twitter. By receiving support from other people who also wanted to quit smoking, participants were able to successfully kick their smoking habit by using Twitter. 



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