The 15th Annual Swimsuit Edition

Pictured: Rei Leigh Harmer and Gabriela Bogner, Owners of Organic Bronze

Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

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It’s that time of year again! The sun is out and so is our annual swimwear issue.

Rei Leigh Harmer and Gabriela Bogner

Owners of Massage Sway and Organic Bronze 

Personal Mission: 

To empower others to love themselves through means of self-care. Massage Sway and Organic Bronze, our wellness-based companies, were founded on the principle of helping people look and feel their best. Massage Sway, a boutique day spa in the Domain shopping center, opened for business three years ago and has celebrated numerous awards. We are very grateful for their success and hope to impact as many lives as possible. We hope to inspire other female entrepreneurs that they can do anything they set their minds to.

In the spring of 2017, we opened Organic Bronze, a luxury tanning studio which is conveniently located next to Massage Sway. Organic Bronze offers customized airbrush tanning services and private sessions in the Infrared Sauna Cinema. Also, we carry designer swimwear year-round from exclusive brands such as Beach Bunny Swimwear and local designers.

Bikini: Beach Bunny Rib Tide Knot Bikini and Skimpy Bottom in White from Organic Bronze 
Hat:  Echo Design Island Tassel Hat from Saint Bernard 
Bracelet: Nicole Romano from Estilo Boutique


Do you have future plans for the expansion of either business? 

We look forward to opening Spa Sway in the spring of 2019. Spa Sway is projected to be 5,400-square-feet and will be located in downtown Austin. Spa Sway’s creative direction is to innovate Austin’s downtown spa scene by offering full amenities, including steam and sauna.

What is your favorite workout to do together?

When it comes to fitness, we’ve always been each other’s accountability partners. We attend a weekly cycle date to David Garza’s class at Love Cycling Studio. Not only is it loads of fun, but it’s also an exponential calorie burner! In addition to cycling, we enjoy heavy weight lifting and a weekly yoga session.

ON THE MODELBikini: Beach Bunny Fine Lines Bralette in Black Stripe and
Skimpy Bottom in Black from Organic Bronze 
Hat: Echo Design Mangrove Fringe Fedora from Saint Bernard 


How do you stay feeling and looking your best given a demanding work and travel schedule?

When it comes down to it, we believe in balance and consistency. Preparation is key, so we make sure to pack healthy snacks and protein shakes wherever we go. When we travel, we encourage each other to make nutritionally balanced decisions, yet without restricting ourselves too much—because you gotta live a little! Food and wine are two of our favorite things, so don’t put it past us to sample a little bit of everything!  

Suit: Marysia Mott Maillot from Saint Bernard 
Lounge accessories: Las Bayadas La Iris Beach Blanket and Sunnylife Beach Seat from Saint Bernard 
Earrings: Nicole Romano from Estilo Boutique


Sarah Archila

Owner of Blonde Rehab Salon 

Personal mission: 

Make Texas girls Cali-blonde—the healthy way! 

Favorite water activity: 

Paddle-boarding! I started going down to Texas Rowing Center after work in the summertime two years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since! There’s nothing better than paddling over to the Barton Springs pour-off and taking a dip before watching the sun go down behind our beautiful city’s skyline.

Suit: The Aquatic Libations from Chubbies 
Sunglasses: Ray-bans from Saint Bernard Sports


Gustavo Padron

Instructor, Wanderlust Yoga and SoulCycle 

Personal Mission

Celebrate your body; choose workouts, meals, and thoughts that remind you to love yourself. Remember that you only have one life, so spend it living healthy, happy, and free. 

How do you like to stay active, even in the heat of the summer? 

I’m all about doing things in the sun (with lots of sunscreen, of course). This summer you can find me getting my sweat on by doing yoga at Zilker, blasting through cute Tabata workouts by my pool, or running around Lady Bird Lake. 

How do you treat yourself? 

I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I enjoy a daily piece of dark chocolate—it’s so good for the soul! 

SUIT: Marysia Fixed Tri Bikini from Saint Bernard
Hat: Hat Attack What's Your Motto Sunhat from Saint Bernard
Towel: Sunnylife Fouta Towel Tallala from Saint Bernard


Kaley Klasson

Wanderlust Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

Personal Mission: 

I'm dedicated to sharing the practices of yoga and mind-body health in a way that uniquely inspires a happy, simple, and empowered life. 

What is your favorite water activity in Austin? 

Swimming at Barton Springs! In the summertime, you can find me at the springs nearly every weekend soaking up sunshine, sweet conversations, and the healing, refreshing waters of our naturally-fed swimming hole. I've been frequenting the springs since I was in high school, and it always leaves me feeling cleansed and nurtured.

How do you balance a healthy lifestyle with a demanding schedule? 

Every single morning, I recommit to increasing the flow of energy in my life through my thoughts, movements, food, and relationships—this sunrise ritual infuses clarity, purpose and ease into my everyday. While it took me time to build a relationship with the subtle requests of my body, I'm now in the daily practice of tuning in to what I need and responding accordingly. Most days that looks like a combination of leafy greens, sweaty yoga, sunshine and, of course, butter coffee.

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