Getting a Leg Up

performed by Ernest Miller, Outright Performance

photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

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The AFM FITTEST trainings are starting to kick off for this year’s competition. In the core tests there are four running events. Although they express different emphasis of the energy systems such as sprint speed, agility, speed endurance and long distance endurance, they all require good running mechanics. And the underlying ability to learn good running mechanics and fundamental work capacity is having solid basic movement ability. That is why single leg stability and strength skills are advantageous. Running and changes of direction rely on transfer from one leg to the other and each leg must contribute to the strength, speed and power needed for good acceleration and deceleration skills. So, we are going to focus on three movements that allow us to focus on single leg stability, single leg strength and the transfer of single leg power from the ground up using the whole kinetic chain.


The physical ability to gain work capacity and control on a single leg will carry over into the building blocks of running mechanics.  Don’t forget to reach out to your local running coaches to start your training for AFM FITTEST. 

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