Interview with a Psychic Medium

By Gretchen Goswitz – October 1, 2016

Alyssa Malehorn is a spiritual teacher, soul guide, psychic medium (claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance) and divine transmitter of healing energies for the purpose of illuminating and demystifying the path to enlightenment. Her mission is to empower, educate and enlighten all truth-seekers, in all aspects of life. Alyssa is a catalyst for transformational healing, wisdom, and joy for individuals and groups worldwide. She sees the spiritual meaning hidden within all events, from the everyday to global, and is a leader in the empowerment of those seeking freedom from overwhelm and fear.

What is the most common question you get from clients?

I’d say one of the most common issues people have is feeling stuck or stagnant. Also, people dealing with issues of not feeling good enough—thin enough, attractive enough, rich enough—just not enough on some level. And then of course, I connect clients with those who have passed on so they can have closure, if needed. I also see many clients who want to know the spiritual reason why things are happening or certain “mistakes” are being repeated. I connect with our guides and helpers in spirit to get clear information on any topic, any area of life, and I teach others how to do that as well.

How do you deal with skeptics?

The way I am with someone isn’t going to be adjusted based on whether they believe or not. I honor what everyone believes, and I certainly do not feel like I need to persuade anyone to think the way I do. Any information that comes through, does so for that person’s highest good and to help them on their path. I’ve never had a skeptic leave still a skeptic. I can’t take credit for that—I’m the catalyst, receiving and delivering the information they need, so they can see there is an unseen world outside of themselves and also deep within themselves.

Balanced life: One of the keys, I believe, to achieving balance is to focus on your spiritual life. When you’re in a state of perfectionism, over-exercising, or feelings of unworthiness, if you start to focus on your spiritual life, the other aspects of life begin to balance out every time. When I say spiritual life, I mean taking time for yourself. Meditation for example—it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or able to quiet your mind, just do something that is in the realm of seeking peace. Journaling or walking in nature with a spirit of appreciation are also great spiritual tools.

Your new book How Old is Your Soul? The Essential Guide to the Lessons, Gifts and Archetypes of Every Soul Age is being released this month—what’s the difference between a young and old soul?

The way I have them categorized is: infant, child, adolescent, mature, and old. Those are generalizations, but it helps us to understand each other better. One of the phrases I use in the book is, “It’s like an all ages, one-room schoolhouse.” Usually we understand those who are near our soul age much more easily, however, we’re always learning from folks at every soul age.

How do you know which one you fit in with?

There are certain hallmark qualities to each one. The infant souls are more earth-centered and typically found in developing countries or in a tribal culture of some sort. Child souls would be the ones who must have conformity to feel safe. Adolescent souls are the majority on the planet right now. They’re the “look-at-me” types, and you can see this in the prevalence of selfies, Photoshop, social media. They also can serve in huge ways, like starting major nonprofits—they’re the movers and shakers. Mature souls are developing the heart, and are working through a fear of being vulnerable. Austin has a huge population of mature and old souls. Similar ages tend to gravitate to certain areas. New York and L.A. have mostly adolescents, while Austin, Portland, Europe have more older souls. Old souls are learning how to express themselves—they’re also caretakers and the ones opening up to spirituality and are leaders of peace. No age is better or worse than the other, because they each have their amazing gifts.

You often hear people speaking about good vibes (or as The Beach Boys would say, “Good Vibrations”), but what does that truly mean?

Good vibes, or any vibrations for that matter, are a reference to resonance or frequency. We all know the feeling of connecting with someone who feels draining to us. Though there can be several specific reasons for this, in general—it’s a disparity between your frequency and theirs.  If someone has a low vibration (from complaining, non-beneficial habits, controlling energy, etc) and they come in contact with someone holding a higher vibration (from positive thinking, meditation, self-care, serving others, etc)—usually whoever has the strongest energy will influence the other. So if you’re drained from being with a low vibe person or watching low vibe media, it’s time to strengthen your energy field with high frequency support, like energy work, Reiki, yoga, meditation, fresh clean foods. 

You’re a reiki master teacher—what is that?

Reiki healing and any sort of higher energy healing work is channeling light through a physical person into someone else’s system. Literally light, as in, higher frequencies of energy. When you work with a Reiki master teacher, they attune you to higher frequencies, so your baseline frequency is upgraded and you can naturally start channeling through higher energies for yourself and any other living thing. As you embody more light, the physical, mental, and emotional issues will clear up. Anything that is showing up for you symptomatically, is showing you an absence of light, or density, or stagnation. We flood the area with light so the stagnation dissipates and the symptoms can heal. 

About Alyssa

Information about individual and couples consultations, speaking engagements, group workshops, monthly meditation events, Reiki and healing classes (in Austin as well as Sedona, AZ, Southern Calif. and other areas) is available at Consultations and classes in Austin are held at her office in Westlake Hills.

The new book How Old Is Your Soul? The Essential Guide to the Lessons, Gifts and Archetypes of Every Soul Age is available at BookPeople in Austin, on Amazon, and at

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