Peace Box

By AFM Staff – February 1, 2017

The mobile meditation center that’s turning Austin’s yoga scene on its head.


It’s official: the next evolution of Austin’s convenience-based and on-the-go lifestyle has arrived—except this time, there isn’t a good or consumable item to purchase. Instead, people are lining up at Peace Box’s pop-up mobile yoga site on South 8th Street for a few minutes of meditation and a taste of the city’s latest flavor of innovation. 

Described as a mobile venue for on-site education, training, and guided practice in mindfulness and meditation, Peace Box offers a myriad of options to potential renters or attendees. Their rental options (which can span for a month or more) allow for the on-the-go yoga box to be placed at corporate buildings, schools, or within community impact efforts—whatever setting will allow them to share their passion for on-site instructed stress-reduction and self-reflection with as large an audience as possible. They even allow organizations or donors to “share peace” by adopting a school or nonprofit through their yoga beneficiary program.

Up to this point, their biggest success was their January 7th grand opening, which offered a full day of complimentary activities including: massages, outdoor yoga, mindful eating, meditation classes, and a create-your-own vision board workshop. Considering this is only a preview of what’s to come from Peace Box, we’re excited to see what they unveil next. 

There’s no doubt about it: the future is bright for pop-up yoga studios in a city that’s already head-over-heels for food trucks, portable salons, and mobile delivery apps. And although tranquility and mindfulness can’t be packaged or itemized, this proves it can be boxed.



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