Water Park Etiquette & Tips for Your Summer Getaway

By Nicole Gravelle – May 12, 2023

Here, in Texas, we’re surrounded by some of the best pools in the country, from world-famous water park destinations to premier resorts with incredible water features including lazy rivers, infinity pools and more.

While a water park can be the ideal destination to beat the Texas heat and provide a fun-filled day that the entire family will love, I recommend following etiquette rules and tips to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Beach Chairs Are Not Private Property

We’ve all seen it before — the lineup of towels draped over beach chairs to signify they’re already taken and, of course, with no people in sight using them. While it’s common practice to hold chairs with towels or personal items, it’s important to understand that beach chairs are designed as a communal amenity that cannot be “claimed.”  

If you intend to hold pool chairs with towels, I recommend having a designated member of the group stay with the items while the rest of the group enjoys the water park. If you plan to be away from your chair for more than 30 minutes, I recommend allowing another guest to enjoy it and placing your personal items in a locker.

The best way to have your own spot at a water park or pool is to reserve a private cabana. It can be worth the hassle, especially when traveling with a group or family. 

Lifeguard at water park.

Noise Etiquette at the Pool

The pool is a place where everyone is having fun, so it’s bound to be a noisy place. However, there are some limitations on what’s considered appropriate for the setting.

For example, many pools and water parks will have music playing in the background, and other guests likely don’t want to hear your personal playlist. If you’d like to listen to your own music, I recommend wearing headphones that are water-resistant. If you’d like to put your music on a speaker, it’s a common courtesy to ask your neighboring pool-goers if they’re OK with the additional noise.

It’s also important to stay within any noise rules. Some pools request that guests refrain from loud conversations, and some destinations even have serenity pools designed to be a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. I recommend talking to the water park employees to determine if there are any noise regulations for the pool experience. 

Timing Can Make or Break a Trip to the Pool

Water park.

During the summer, water parks can be jam-packed, which can provide a less than enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for a less busy and more relaxing pool experience, I recommend considering going in the morning or in the early evening. Most water park guests tend to visit between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., making the non-peak times ideal for a less crowded experience. Additionally, many resorts with water parks offer a more relaxing and less crowded experience in adult-only sections.  

Consider a Resort Water Park

With so many incredible resort destinations within easy driving distance from most places in Texas, I recommend considering a resort for your next water park getaway. Some resorts offer the same quality of experience as some of the major water park attractions while providing a comfortable getaway with a variety of additional amenities. For example, at my home base of Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, we provide a premier pool experience with everything from a 950-foot lazy river that was designed to emulate a true Texas float experience to an on-property FlowRider wave simulation machine for surfing and bodyboarding. While I recommend staying for a few nights to get the full resort experience, many properties now offer day passes to their pools for “daycation” opportunities. 

About the Author

Nicole Gravelle is the marketing manager at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. With more than 20 years of experience working in the marketing and hospitality industry, Gravelle has worked at hotel and resort locations throughout California and Texas including Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort, Hyatt Regency Orange County, Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk, and Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk, in addition to her current role. 


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