Things To Do While Staying Home

By Monica Hand – March 23, 2020

Your guide to surviving social distancing.

As communities continue to tighten social distancing regulations, many people are trying to cope with all of the extra time on their hands. It can get tiresome, boring and frustrating as the days go on, but staying home is the safest move for you and your community.

That’s why AFM has compiled a list of fun, interesting or engaging things you can do to keep yourself as happy and healthy as possible as you continue practicing social distancing.

Learn Something New

Though the break from school or work as usual can be nice, the mind gets antsy. So, flexing that brain muscle can help the time pass both quickly and positively. Whether it’s a class on Operation Analytics or an Intro to Italian Opera, you can find a class that gets your attention for free from Ivy League schools like Yale University and Princeton. Some have start dates, like Yale’s Introduction to Classical Music starting March 23, but many are also self paced. You can find the perfect fit through Class Central’s website. With hundreds of options, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes and schedule.

Workout Videos

Sitting on the couch can get old, so getting up and moving is crucial for your own mental and physical wellbeing. Some even recommend trying to workout 30 minutes a day to stay at optimum health. Because of the global social distancing, plenty of fitness apps have deals going on for new members or downright free programs.

But even with the free apps, you can also find free workout videos on YouTube. Work on your breathing and downward dog with Yoga with Adrienne, push yourself using no equipment with Fitness Blender or get an up-beat tone-up with Bloggloties. If you don’t like working out alone, the videos help you feel like there’s a virtual personal trainer, right in your living room, driveway or parking lot.

Foster an Animal

We’re social animals, so social distancing can be hard after extended periods of time. But a foster pet can keep you company and keep you helping out the community. If you’re in Austin, you can check out the Austin Pets Alive! page to apply to foster. As of right now, APA! is meeting fosters at their car with the animals they are scheduled to care for and there are donated supplies that they may be able to give you to help you start off caring for the pet. Check their website for updates and how to get involved.

Get Organized

Seems like a no brainer, using the extra time indoors to tidy up. But if just tidying up isn’t enough to keep your hand busy, try getting deeper in organization. Things like going through tupperware cabinets, organizing your closet, rearranging your books or records, cleaning out the random things under your bed and organizing the spice rack. Maybe even rearrange your furniture in a new way, opening up your spaces and preparing for the summer. Little details like this will keep you busy and give you a sense of accomplishment once you’re done.

Read a Book

Watching Netflix or Hulu is great for passing the time, but after a while you might want something different. Reading a book is the perfect way to keep your mind busy with something fun or informational. If you aren’t finding anything worth reading on your bookshelf, you can find downloadable titles and audio books at several sites. Or, if you want the physical copy of a specific book, you can go to BookPeople’s website and order it with free delivery.

Marvel at Beauty

Staring at the walls in your home or apartment can get old. Luckily, several museums — including The Louvre —have virtual tours you can take from your spot on the couch. Plus, there’s places  like National Geographic and NASA that have photo galleries full of awe inspiring images. You can spend hours surfing through the images of art, nature, and people. All for free and in the comfort of your own home. If you want something even more engaging, BroadwayHD is offering a 7-day free trial of musical streaming.

Or check out that National Park you have always wanted to visit through their virtual tours. 

Add Something to Your Routine

With your normal routine getting a total makeover, adding something to it might make you feel buisier. Maybe you’ll start meditating before breakfast, wearing DIY face masks at night for self care, drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day, journaling everyday or call a different friend or family member each day. Now’s the time to add those little goals into your routine because the routine itself can help you stay on track, stay positive and stay as productive as needed.


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