The Best Fenced Austin Neighborhood Pocket Dog Parks

By Sadie Flynn – March 9, 2023

OK sure, maybe Austin being dubbed “Bat City” is somewhat justified, what with our 1.5 million summer-lovin’ bats — but if it weren’t for those bridge buddies and the state of Utah, I’m convinced our city’s nickname would be “Park City.”

If you’ve been around this town for a while (or even six hours), you probably know that we take pride in our parks. Despite the new buildings perpetually popping up in and around the city, the ordinances that are put in place help keep greenspace and park development a priority. 

According to an article published by KXAN, as of 2021, the city now has over 17,000 acres of dedicated parkland spread out across a whopping 300 parks. And over the last three years, the city has managed to add about 20 new parks per year. And among that precious parkland is Fido’s favorite feature: publicly accessed, fenced-in dog parks! And if you know anything about Austinites, you know that we love to spoil our pups.

We know about Auditorium Shores, and we know the magic and zeal of Zilker Park, but when it comes to dog parks, what readers may not know about are the dozens of fenced-in pocket parks located throughout Austin neighborhoods, made specifically for your furry friend. 

This list could be endless, so in the spirit of succinctness, here are five fenced-in dog parks located in each major area of the city: 

North Austin: Domain Central Dog Park

A relatively new park in the bustling and bougie outdoor shopping mecca, Domain Central Dog Park is the perfect place to let your dog (and your wallet) run wild. This dog park is located at 11100 Alterra Pkwy in the Domain.

Dog outside.

South Austin: MESH Dog Park

What this park lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in fenced-in peace of mind. The MESH Dog Park is located at 2437 Town Lake Cir, just down the street from Lady Bird Lake.

Central Austin: West Austin Neighborhood Dog Park

For when you want to have a Whole Foods picnic in the park while the pups play, the West Austin Neighborhood Dog Park has everything you need. Located at 1317 West 10th Street, this dog park allows pups to be off-leash in the fenced-in area.

East Austin: Pickles Place Dog Park

Located smack in the middle of the University Hills/Windsor Park neighborhood, this pocket park is perched on the same property the Texas Empowerment Academy. Pickles Place Dog Park is located at 6414 N. Hampton Drive and has plenty of room for dogs to roam.

West Austin: Barton Creek Villas Dog Park

If you ever find yourself out west and you need a place to post up while your dogs get their zoomies out, this is the one. Tunnels, ramps, turf — the Barton Creek Villas Dog park has got it all. It is located at 2716 Barton Creek Blvd.

Wishing all the best tail wags and zoomies to come for your pups!

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Sadie Flynn.

Sadie Flynn is a CrossFit level 2 certified trainer, pregnancy and postpartum fitness coach, and former collegiate athlete with a penchant for power lifts. As a mother, Flynn is deeply passionate about pregnant and postpartum fitness and wellness; she works hard to help educate and empower women to take intentional care of their bodies before, during and after birth. When she’s not coaching at CrossFit Renew, or forcing her ‘90s alternative music beliefs upon you, you can probably find her playing a basic board or card game over some beers with anyone who’s willing or, like most millennials in this town, eating her way through Austin with her husband and their two kiddos.


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