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Eating Well for the Cold Season
November 3, 2021
November is a beautiful time where we are in the depths of fall and awaiting winter. The qi has already begun moving downwards as we prepare for the inward transition of winter. To nourish...
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Fertility
October 27, 2021
Infertility is commonly defined as the inability to produce offspring after two years of consistent trying. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there are many recognized reasons and risk factors that are potential causes. Of...
What the Fall Season Means in Traditional Chinese Medicine
September 13, 2021
The fall season is upon us. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with an element of nature. The fall season is associated with the metal element, which constitutes both the lungs and...
How Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Support Women’s Hormones
September 1, 2021
Endocrine disorders are very common issues for women, which are often closely related to stress, diet, work and rest. It is believed that hyperinsulinemia is related to increased androgen levels, as well as obesity...
Rejuvenate Your Skin in 2021
January 1, 2021
Your skin health isn’t just skin-deep. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your skin is considered an outer reflection of your entire inner physical, mental and spiritual health.  This internal-external mirror reflects through the skin...
Empowerment Through Integrative Medicine
December 1, 2020
To say this particular time in history is a stressful one for healthcare professionals everywhere is an understatement. Healthcare workers have experienced stress and emotional fatigue for decades, but the situation is only becoming...
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