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More Than Just a Simple Rhythm: How Music Impacts Your Mental Well-Being
October 10, 2020
When your favorite jam comes over the airwaves, you can’t help but smile and maybe sing along. This truth holds even when your day started with spilled coffee and ended with a stern lecture...
ASD and Music Therapy
October 1, 2020
Five-year-old Emma Westerman loves sound.  She is more intrigued by the noises her toys make when she clashes them together than by the function they were designed to perform. She is easily amused listening...
Healing Through Music
October 1, 2020
As the science around addiction grows, it’s becoming more clear that, with the right help, everyone has hope for recovery. This comes as a stark contrast to what was traditionally thought about addiction: that...
Finding a New Beat
October 1, 2020
The SIMS Foundation was forged from a tragedy that rocked the Austin music community in 1995. Sims Ellison, a member of the band Pariah and beloved member of the local music community, died by...
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