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Find Your Motivation Style
October 20, 2021
Motivation and accountability go together like mac and cheese, like jelly and peanut butter, like cardio and strength training. However, we are all motivated differently. But to understand what motivates you, you can set...
Progression: Why It is Not Linear
August 1, 2021
There are few things that make you feel as accomplished as making progress in the gym. Whether it’s a strength goal, a body composition goal or just looking your best, seeing improvement is such...
The Why of Your Workouts: Working Out For You
July 1, 2021
When many of us start on those first shaky steps into the world of fitness, we typically have purely aesthetic goals in mind. We want to lose weight, have firmer bodies and look better...
How to Get Out Of Your Own Way
June 4, 2021
Aspiring to reach your goals is something that we all hope to achieve, yet we don’t always know how to accomplish them. Sometimes we go as far as mentally limiting ourselves instead of facing...
Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick
February 1, 2021
“Some people have a regular practice of making New Year resolutions — generally shattering them before January has hidden its cold head out of sight.” – Will Carleton The American poet, Will Carleton, lived...
From Tribulation to Triumph: The Inspiring Story of Thomas Jung
January 1, 2021
Every January, like clockwork, my feed gets flooded with flashy ads whose headlines are all trying to say the same thing: Get inspired for the new year! Get inspired with this new supplement! Get...
The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation
January 1, 2021
Sometimes, the magic works. You get an idea that excites you, invigorates you and makes you feel alive. Other times, you stare at life as if it’s a blank page, and you have a...
Staying Motivated with Maurice Moore
August 1, 2020
After landing a role at eight years old in the film The Color Purple, Maurice Moore fell in love with acting. Now, Moore has continued his passion for acting and owns Motivate Pictures and...
How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out
May 6, 2020
“Should” — has any word in the English language inspired more anxiety and guilt? You know you should work out, but your couch sings a sweet siren song. How can you stay motivated when...
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