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Kick Mo’s Butt at CrossFit Renew
July 1, 2021
As I traveled to CrossFit Renew, I was curious and excited about this KMB session. It had been a minute since I did a CF workout, and I was excited to put myself to...
Kick Mo’s Butt: HIT Athletic + Yancy Culp and DEKA STRONG
June 1, 2021
Is it ironic, coincidental, interesting or only destiny that I reunited with Master Coach and Elite Spartan racer, Yancy Culp, and completed my first DEKA STRONG experience for this month’s Kick Mo’s Butt workout...
KMB: MYLO Obstacle Fitness
May 1, 2021
The drive to MYLO Obstacle Fitness was peaceful, exciting and somewhat daunting. You see, it had been a few years (2017) since I was actively training on obstacles and was not sure exactly how...
KMB: Rogue American
April 1, 2021
Continuing our quest to explore open and available training facilities in the Austin area, this month, we ventured over to Hudson Bend for a unique training experience for our April KMB feature. We like...
Kick Mo’s Butt at Knockout Kickboxing
February 1, 2021
When AFM assigned Knockout Kickboxing for my February KMB feature, I immediately contacted a good friend and kickboxing coach, Jason Echols of Echols Fitness here in San Antonio, and asked if he would put...
Kick Mo’s Butt is Back!
January 1, 2021
I believe it is safe to say that 2020 was a remarkable year of unpredictability — politically, personally and professionally — for all of us.  When the lockdown began, my husband and I decided...
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