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How to Know if You Suffer from Insomnia
July 1, 2022
It’s 2 a.m., your brain is wide awake and all you can hear is the ticking of the clock.  According to John Hopkins Medicine, 1 in 3 adults will experience short bursts of insomnia...
How a Weighted Blanket Could be Your Cure for Insomnia
July 1, 2021
With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us in isolation for the majority of our daily lives, physical touch may feel like something of the past. Although the vaccine has made it easier to go out...
Build a Better Sleep Routine
April 1, 2021
​For optimal function and vitality in our bodies, sleep is often the overlooked and underappreciated component. According to neuroscientist, professor and author of the book, “Why We Sleep,” Matthew Walker states, “Sleep is Mother...
5 Activities You Should Stop Doing to Improve Your Sleep
March 25, 2021
We’ve all experienced wakeful nights, but for some, insomnia is a chronic condition. Sleep eludes them frequently for months or even years. They struggle to fall asleep and wake often during the night. When...
Tips from CBT-I to Improve Your Sleep
March 10, 2021
You wake up, roll over and check your phone: 2:13 a.m. Sighing heavily, you realize you only dozed off for a few minutes. It’s been almost two hours of endless tossing and turning. No...
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