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Optimizing the Outdoor Experience While on the Golf Course
June 11, 2022
Golf courses serve as an outdoor sanctuary removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Being on the course and surrounded by nature allows golfers to take a moment to relax and enjoy...
Creating A Good Golf Routine — On and Off the Course
April 24, 2022
Golf is a family sport and year-round fun for all ages. Getting the entire family outside and active makes it a fun and collaborative activity, too. How can newer or less experienced golfers of...
Getting Outdoors with Golf
September 5, 2021
As a golf professional, I am lucky to be able to spend a good portion of my days outside and on the course. I believe that being close to nature and spending time outdoors...
The Meridian Cup
June 1, 2021
For most, the green of a golf course is a place for skill, conversation and healthy competition. However, for the group of friends that play for “The Meridian Cup” every year, taking a trip...
Teeing off in Cooler Temps
November 1, 2020
As the extreme heat starts to fade here in Central Texas and we find sweet relief in the more mild weather, it’s become an ideal time to grab your clubs and hit the golf...
All Eyes on Muny
August 31, 2019
Lions is an 18-hole golf course that spans 141 acres just west of downtown along Lake Austin Boulevard. Those who golf at Lions say they appreciate its setting, atmosphere and nearly 100-year history. The...
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