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Meet MOBO: The 7-in-one Tool that Improves Functional Fitness
December 3, 2021
MOBO is the revolutionary mobility tool that packs a big punch in a small package. This easy-to-use, travel friendly tool was created to be the solution to improving your body’s performance. To understand why...
12 Days of Fitmas: 2021
December 2, 2021
Ho! Ho! Ho! The holidays have arrived! The time of joy and lights also brings fun events and deals that all Austinites can enjoy. Take a trip through AFM’s 12 Days of Fitmas to...
Best Of 2021
December 1, 2021
With another year under our belt, we look back on the valleys and mountaintops. From the Texas Snowpocalypse to the continual ebb and flow of pandemic restrictions, we’ve been through the dark and back....
5 Steps to Starting Your Lifestyle Transformation
October 27, 2021
Making a lifestyle transformation to reach your goals can be daunting to say the least. Committing to doing something new once can be overwhelming, let alone for LIFE. But, finding your best self is...
The Most Popular Form of Exercise? The Answer May Surprise You
April 2, 2021
When it comes to simple ways to be healthy, walking still reigns supreme. Why? Walking is an easy way to start and maintain a physically active lifestyle. It doesn’t require special abilities, “appropriate attire,”...
The Measure of a Good Coach
March 21, 2021
Invite me to brunch and bring up weight, weight loss or weight gain in any capacity and I will throw a buttered baguette at your head.  In the grand journey to fitness and wellness,...
Win Your Workout
February 1, 2021
As I was handed a small, festively wrapped box from under the Christmas tree, I was immediately curious as to what it could be. When I unwrapped the little box, I was intrigued by...
Disrupt Your Routine
December 3, 2020
If there was ever a year to embrace change, 2020 is certainly it. While it’s not always easy, change can often spur new and exciting outcomes we never expected. Change is the foundation that...
How to Achieve Your Non-Scale Victory
October 15, 2020
Nearly one-half (49.1 percent) of American adults tried to lose weight within the last 12 months.  According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 56.4% of those adults were women....
Pregnant & Postpartum Fitness: Let’s Talk About Pelvic Floors
September 16, 2020
Before I dive into this very riveting topic about pee, pelvic floors, and pressure management, let’s get a few things out and on the table: Growing and birthing a human is a miracle and...
Workout of the Month: Generator Athlete Lab
August 1, 2020
What physical activity is best for healthy longevity? The answer to this popular question can be found in all of the exercises and movements you enjoy and can incorporate into your daily life up...
Movement: The Health Secret for Seniors
August 1, 2020
While at-home workouts have become a new normal for many, they are especially important for seniors, who are recognized as one of the most vulnerable age groups for COVID-19. “When you have healthy habits...
The Keys to Longevity
July 31, 2020
We should not want to simply live for a long time; we should want to be healthy, vibrant and thrive as we age. How do we achieve this? A quick Google search yields hundreds...
How to Ease Back into a Workout Routine After a Break 
July 29, 2020
Maybe you spent time on the out for an injury, or perhaps you experienced a hectic time that knocked you out of your workout groove. Either way—you haven’t hit the gym for a while. ...
Why You Should Put Your Workout on Your Daily Calendar
May 14, 2020
You glance at the clock — how is it 8 p.m. already? You know you need to get more exercise, but the day keeps getting away from you. How do fit people manage their...
Workout of The Month: At-Home Mat Pilates Routine
May 2, 2020
In honor of National Pilates Day on May 2, Castle Hill Fitness is sharing with us an at-home Mat Pilates routine for this month’s workout of the month. Pilates is the perfect complement to...
Five Simple Exercises for a Strong Back
May 1, 2020
Easy ways to increase strength to decrease low back pain. Did you know that statistics show 8 out of every 10 people will experience an episode of low back pain (LBP) in their lifetime?...
Five Tips For Exercising In the Heat
April 28, 2020
Don’t let high temps kill your workout vibes.  Texas is known for its blazing hot summer temperatures. Which can also be dangerous when proper precautions are not taken. While the outdoors may leave you...
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