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Could Alcohol Be Slowing You Down?
December 17, 2021
Alcohol has become a staple for many people in the U.S. However, sometimes people forget that alcohol is a drug and can have the same negative effects as other drugs that are deemed “worse.”...
Black Sheep Boxing: A Place To Call Home
October 1, 2021
Talk therapy is great for some, but for others, punching and kicking can be the best way to work through problems. This idea of punching out emotions is exactly what Jeffrey Meadows and Sky...
Fighting for a Second Chance
January 1, 2021
Mixed martial arts is a brutal sport. The combination of fighting styles and the one-on-one setup make it perhaps the ultimate test of primal instinct, tactical skill and ability to take a hit. In...
Exercising to Fight Addiction
June 30, 2019
Adam Holt, 34, recently wrapped up two years spent researching the link between fitness and addiction as a grad student at The University of Texas. It’s been a challenging experience, he easily admits, but...
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