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Pet of the Month: RayRay
April 1, 2022
A dog so nice we named him twice!! RayRay is a goofy and affectionate couch potato looking for his furever home. He has been described as liking a variety of activities that take him...
Dragon Boating Comes to Austin
June 1, 2019
Raising a red jar of paint into the air, Amy Wong Mok addresses the crowd gathered around the dock by Lady Bird Lake. “Is everybody ready?” she says before a long brush is dipped...
Serving it Up
June 1, 2019
Troy Schlicker, realtor by day, wasn’t expecting much more than a good workout when he responded to a Craigslist ad looking for those interested in starting a sand volleyball team for Aussie’s Grill &...
Hidden Gems of Texas
June 1, 2019
With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to gather a group of friends or family and set out on a little adventure. Maybe you’re thinking of roaming the dreamy streets...
Five Adventure Travel Races to Add to Your Bucket List
June 1, 2019
There is something special about visiting new places. But for the adventurous athletes out there, there’s something even grander about pushing your physical limitations and competing in a new place. There are so many...
International Yoga and Adventure Destinations
June 1, 2019
AdZENtures If you’re looking to start a yoga practice, mix up your existing routine or reconnect to your passions and feel alive again…consider an AdZENture! AdZENtures specializes in providing unique and unforgettable experiences that...
A Series of Grand Adventures
June 1, 2019
What day is it and where am I?” I repeat those words a lot, because as an adventure travel journalist, I wake up bleary-eyed and rumpled in a variety of crazy places. On the best nights,...
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