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How To Prepare And Keep Your Dog Healthy For Running
December 8, 2021
There are not many things in this world more natural than seeing your dog run. If you’re a marathoner looking to finish an IRONMAN or just a casual runner looking to stay fit, your...
Protect Your Pet This Summer
May 1, 2021
With summer on the way, thousands of residents flock to Town Lake to run, walk paddle or hang out with their furry friends. Seeing cute pups, beautiful trails and others in the community is...
How to Prepare and Keep Your Dog Healthy for Running
April 9, 2021
There are not many things in this world more natural than seeing your dog run. If you’re a marathoner looking to finish an IronMan or just a casual runner looking to stay fit, your...
Reasons to Run with Your Pup
March 10, 2021
Running with your furry best friend can be all the change you need to find some fun this year. And, there are a ton of reasons why dogs make great companions, not just at...
Are vegetarian and vegan diets good for dogs and cats?
March 9, 2021
We may treat our pets like family, however it’s important to feed them based on their biological needs. To learn more, Nulo spoke with their resident veterinarian Dr. Abby Huggins about plant based diets and...
Our Pets Are Our Teachers
March 4, 2021
Many of us learn at some point in our practice that yoga is more about the mind than it is about flawlessly moving through asanas. So when our pets follow us to the mat,...
The Best Dog Breeds for Your Allergies
March 1, 2021
While dog and cat allergies affect 10-20% of the global population, this doesn’t stop all the allergy-sufferers from adopting a furry companion. Some people adopt a pet before they even realize they have an...
Man’s Best Friend
March 1, 2021
Animals have long been intertwined with human partners throughout history. Prehistoric cave paintings depict humans hunting side by side with canines; Egyptian hieroglyphs document that civilization’s domestication and worship of cats; and bird keeping...
Till Death Do Us Part
March 1, 2021
Ever since birth, I’ve had a dog in my life. To date, there have been 14 — each a bookmark for different chapters in this journey: Chica (1-3. Growing up we had three collies...
Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals
March 1, 2021
At first glance, service animals and emotional support animals (ESAs) can seem like two very similar labels and, in a way, they are. But what it takes for an animal to qualify as one...
Take Fido for a Hike
March 2, 2020
Hiking is an adventurous and rewarding way to get you and your dog in shape. Scaling rocky paths, climbing up steep trails and gasping at the natural world — you can’t ask for a...
Foods You Didn’t Know Were Dangerous for Your Dog
March 1, 2020
Although we probably shouldn’t, it almost comes as second nature for us to sneak a little piece of food to our dogs underneath the dinner table. We get it — it can be tempting...
Leading The Pack
March 1, 2020
Peter (Mix) When Peter, or “sweet Pete,” was first adopted from New Hope Animal Rescue, he was heart worm-ridden and unable to do anything that increased his heart rate. But since being cleared for...
Finding a Forever Home
March 1, 2020
Being an outdoorsy city, Austin is one of the most dog-friendly and dog-happy places in the world. Running around Town Lake? Bring your dog. Exploring through downtown? Bring your dog. Spending the afternoon at...
More Than a Canine Companion
March 1, 2020
Ten years ago, after a rafting trip with her friends to the Comal River in Central Texas, Chelsey Price felt sick. A few days later, when she didn’t show up to work, someone went...
How Dogs Are Good For Our Health
March 1, 2020
Walk a Hound and Lose a Pound Regular dog walks are good for both ends of the leash. Researchers from Michigan State University reported that among dog owners who regularly took their pets for...
Your Pet’s Nutrition
November 1, 2019
Living a fit and healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, being active and understanding proper nutrition to fuel your body and give it the energy it needs to get you through each day. Humans, for...
March 1, 2013
To look at Mya P.*, you’d never know she was a U.S. Army veteran, let alone a combat medic who once spent her days tending to Iraqi detainees while under the threat of attack....
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