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How the Mind and Body Impact Our Health and Wellness Journeys
October 9, 2022
Have you ever had a conversation with friends about a new product or topic and then, all of a sudden, you’re receiving ads on your smartphone for products that fit that category?  This technology...
Are Physical and Mental Pain Separate?
October 1, 2022
In the world of Chinese medicine, physical and mental pain exist together. In fact, it’s difficult to completely separate the two.  The organs of the body are split between the yin and yang organs,...
How the Gut and Brain Are Connected
October 1, 2022
Since 2005, you could say this has been Amy Nelson’s focus — the connection between one’s gut and brain. In a past life, Nelson was a nuclear chemist who wanted to change careers and...
The Science Behind the Mind & Muscle Connection
October 1, 2022
How many times have you gone to the gym just to check the box?  You know you need to get it done, you know the routine is in place, you understand the benefits and...
How to Supercharge Your Connection
February 1, 2022
A strong, fulfilling sense of connection with others helps us be happier and healthier. Research shows that life satisfaction improves and we live longer when we are connected to others in meaningful ways.  However,...
Connection, Connection, Connection
February 7, 2021
Our lives are all about relationships — work relationships, romantic partnerships, family relationships and friendships. Especially during these times of increased social distancing and less social activity, how do we make those relationships closer...
Meditation and You
February 1, 2021
As we enter the month of February, it’s common to reflect on love and relationships and hold Valentine’s Day celebrations. It is also often a missed opportunity to reflect on one of the most...
Mental Health Column: Love Is Everything
February 1, 2020
When people are asked at the end of life what mattered the most to them, they often say the quality of the relationships they were able to build — the love they had the...
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