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A Conversation with Landscape Photographer Christopher Zebo
June 1, 2022
Christopher Zebo ran out of gas in Texas. In 2009, Zebo packed up all of his belongings and explored the lower 48 states for four months with a backseat full of photography gear. The...
Here’s What Backpacking in Big Bend Taught Me
June 1, 2022
At the beginning of April, I went backpacking in Big Bend National Park. This trip was a gift and fell on my one-year anniversary of opening my business. If you have your own businesses,...
Running Big Bend
June 1, 2021
In early April, 20 adventurous trail runners headed west to Big Bend for Trail Roots’ first Runcation of 2021. Just after the 2019 trip, the world closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and,...
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