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5 Tips for Cooking For a Party When You Have Anxiety
November 6, 2022
If you love the idea of hosting a party but get too anxious about what could happen when you do, you’re not alone. Many people with anxiety avoid social situations where they’re front and...
What to Do If Your Pup is Anxious
March 1, 2022
Most dog owners are completely aware of the joys and benefits that come along with sharing their life with pups. Dogs provide us with affection, ease our loneliness and improve our physical and mental...
3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health in 2022
January 5, 2022
Let’s face it. The last two years have been tough for many. As a therapist, I’m aware of how many people in our community have been struggling with mental health issues.  Depression has loomed...
Breathing Techniques for the Mind
September 1, 2021
The market is flooded with books and classes claiming “breathwork” can help with mental health, anxiety and even pain. But are experts convinced? Breathwork practitioners report surges in interest, YouTube and Instagram stories are...
12 Grounding Techniques to Manage Anxiety
November 1, 2020
The year 2020 might go down in history as synonymous with anxiety. The uncertainty never seems to end, and even folks formerly known for their calming presence are starting to grow agitated. What can...
Managing Anxiety and Finding Joy in Corona Time
May 4, 2020
These times are tough. Many people are suffering, have lost jobs or businesses, and are facing an uncertain future. Yet this time has also created opportunities for some: to slow down, spend more time...
Depressed, Anxious and Overworked? Movement can help.
July 2, 2019
We all know exercise is good for us, but like eating our vegetables and listening to our mothers, we just don’t always do it. Or perhaps it’s that we don’t have time. At least...
Mental Health Column: The Science of Mental Health
July 1, 2019
Ailments of the mind are often perceived differently than ailments of the body, yet modern science now understands how connected they are. Physical issues seem more acceptable to talk about, but as mental health...
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