By AFM Team – February 1, 2016

Sex for Breakfast

Starting the day with love is a different experience that is different than any other stimulant to start your day.

Helps you start with a nice workout for the day.

An active sex life comes with a lot of health benefits so starting off the day with sex is just a bonus.

Starting off with the happy hormone, oxytocin, is way to stay happy and stress free during the day.

If you’re in a relationship it keeps you present and away from the distractions of life.

Hunger always precedes a sexy intercourse and breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Gives you a giddy glow during the day.

Working Up a Sweat

According to a study by The New England Journal of Medicine, on average sex lasts up to six minutes and you only burn about 21 calories. According to WebMD, if you have sex for a half an hour you can burn up to 85-100 calories.
1. Sex before breakfast
2. Flexi-Sex
3. Food for endurance
4. Use different positions for sexercise to strengthen the body
5. Core-gasm
6. Cross-train

Yoga and Sex

Yoga improves your sex life by enhancing flexibility, helping maintain a good self-esteem, appreciating awareness and presence in a moment and increasing libido.

Poses that can increase the blood flow to the pelvic to make the area relaxed and create an experience of intimacy:

1. Cat/Cow Flow
2. Bound Angle Pose
3. Pigeon Pose
4. Eagle Pose
5. Bridge Pose
6. Downward Dog
7. Wide-Legged Straddle

Different Sex Positions That are a Workout

1. Missionary: equal thrusts between you and your partner require a lot of core strength
2. Doggy style: for woman it is a major core strengthener and a good arm and shoulder workout
3. Cowgirl: engages a woman’s butt and core, different modification can help the upper body, calves and arms
4. Lotus: the core is engaged and the glutes are working overtime because of thrusting
5. Standing: if facing each other the core is tightened, legs and arms are engaged differently depending on whether the woman is standing on one leg or hugging the man.
6. Scissors: least strenuous but can still work the core and inner thigh
7. Bridge: basically this is a full body workout for both
8. Arch: core, glutes and inner thighs are work the most
9. Lunges: woman is doing a lunge on top of a man, how lunges help you out in a regular workout but just add a nice euphoria to the mix

Cross Train


Working out in general can increase your sex life. It is proven that having a steady work out can boost your confidence and self-image. Then on the science side of working out, it can help males with erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the genital area. This also goes for women to help rev up the sex drive.


This is commonly heard about with women but men can improve their core for a better sex life as well. Try to think about engaging the core during sex. Work on tightening the abdominal muscles and doing exercises that engage your pelvic area. Doing this can result in a core-gasm, which is an orgasm while working out. Don’t worry, it is unnoticable to other people. Adding these techniques under the sheets makes sex more satisfying between you and your partner.

Exercises that can help achieve a core-gasm:

1. hanging straight leg raise
2. hanging side crunches
3. single leg plank
4. arm pullover straight leg crunch

Food for Endurance: Eight foods to Help Sexual Stamina

Increasing stamina and endurance can help you dominate in the bed. Lasting a bit longer between the sheets is obviously beneficial for both partners.

1. Watermelon: can make you have a longer erection
2. Nuts: longer erection and lowers cholesterol
3. Ginger: aids blood flow and improves artery health
4. Pomegranate Juice: can improve erectile response, but waters it down because there is a lot of sugar
5. Wild Salmon: cut back calories and sticking to a Mediterranean diet helps you stay hard
6. Spinach: fuel erection and muscle growth over time
7. Oats: help erectile dysfunction and lower cholesterol
8. Garlic: helps maintain a healthy heart by stopping the fatty deposits in your arterial walls



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