Rogue Running

Rogue was born in 2004 in Austin, Texas when the founders had the vision to develop training programs for runners that went beyond the watered-down models that were so common at the time. This vision takes the advanced training methods of the best professional athletes and applies these same principles to the everyday runner.

15 years later we are still pursuing this passion. From beginners prepping for their first 5K to advanced marathoners and trail ultra-marathoners training to go the distance, we train over 3,000 athletes per year with programs for nearly every person and race distance. We have also expanded our training offerings to Dallas, NYC and across the globe with our virtual training platforms.

Along the way, we developed an extraordinary community of runners as well as a badass trail race series, running travel business, a retail store, a community focused non-profit, a professional running team, and a successful running podcast.

From our physical training groups in Austin, Dallas or NYC to our virtual training community that expands the globe to our amazing Rogue Expeditions trips in exotic locations such as Morocco, Kenya and Patagonia, our purpose is to help you set goals and use the power of running in a community to reach them, supported by committed training or travel partners and experienced and encouraging coaches and guides.

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