Dog Day Coffee

Dog Day began, as most endeavors do, as a casual thought. “How do you feel about starting a coffee shop?” With a passion for both coffee and community, we have turned a casual thought into a small business with sheer gumption. The support we have received from friends happy to help us achieve our goals is both humbling and overwhelming.

We know we have a unique concept that definitely delivers: nitro beverages. It is not just nitro cold brew, which is amazing on its own, but blended nitro lattes (dirty chai, dirty thai tea, and our version of a London fog), and nitro teas as well. Our nitro coffee is creamy, smooth and unforgettable.

Our signature roast for the beans for both our house hot coffee and as part of the blend for our cold brew makes us stand apart. We are looking forward to continuing to bring out new and interesting flavors!

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