Meet Valentina Gaylord, Founder of TLS ATX Global

By Sponsor: TLS ATX Global – October 2, 2021

Valentina began her journey toward TLS ATX Global in January of 2014. Knowing that she had a vision much larger than herself at the time, Valentina began by opening her first Lagree Fitness Studio called THE LAGREE STUDIO on January 10, 2015. Lagree Fitness is a high intensity, low impact workout using one machine that was the beginning of what she would set out to accomplish. Within two and half years, Valentina grew one studio into three studios strategically located throughout Austin, Texas.

From day one, Valentina was very involved in growing her business, educating herself and her clientele. Over the last seven and a half years, she defined and redefined her business model to ensure success by continually educating and training her staff, speaking to thousands of clients, and evolving the workouts to create a whole body, high intensity and low-to-zero impact workout that not only is customizable to each client, but takes the stress off the immune system, joints and connective tissues.

In 2012, Valentina was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Bell’s palsy followed by Hashimoto’s disease. In her quest to regain her health and conquer a disease that no one truly understood or knew how to cure, she used all her resources to educate herself, regain her health and help every client that walks through her doors to do the same.  

Valentina worked with specialists and nutritional coaches but ultimately her professionally choreographed workouts at TLS ATX Global combined with her work with #1 best-selling author Anthony William, writer of “Medical Medium,” helped her to heal her body and evolve her mindset on all levels.  

After over four years of misdiagnoses by some of the top doctors and specialists in the United States, Valentina began working closely with Author Anthony William and Doctor Janet Zand to finally get the answers she needed to heal her body from Bell’s palsy and Hashimoto’s. 

At age 51, Valentina has turned back the hands of time and is in the best shape of her life. Genetically, Valentina now tests at age 26 and has endless energy and vitality.  Anthony William and Dr. Janet Zand were, and will always be, very instrumental in the vision for TLS ATX Global as their guidance has helped bring this to light for Valentina and thousands of her clients, family and friends through her own journey from illness to optimal health. Over the past eight years, Valentina has proved her concept that healing your body is not only physical but mental, emotional and spiritual.

In doing so, and by opening THE LAGREE STUDIO, Valentina realized that she was not alone. Over 600 million people have been diagnosed worldwide with an autoimmune disease and that number is growing rapidly. She believes that by educating people, changing the way they nourish, nurture and care for their bodies through proper nutrition, exercise and stress release is essential and she has made it her mission.  

By opening TLS ATX Global (formerly The Lagree Studio), writing about her story and all that she endured on her journey back to optimal health and speaking to all who need this information and inspiration, she feels that she can help millions of people heal, recover and live the life they were meant to.


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