Texas’ Top Swimming Holes

Krause Springs Spicewood One of Texas’ best kept secrets is Krause Springs. Privately owned by the Krause family, the springs are located in a 115-acre property…

Community Corner: Water Safety

Most deaths caused by drowning are preventable. It’s important to know and understand water safety before you get in. Take these tips with you while hitting…

From Bulky Wool to Full-Body Suits

At the 2009 World Aquatics Championships, swimmers raced in colorful swimsuits which covered their chest and legs, part of a full-body suit movement that shattered swimming…

Fit Finds

A curated list of our favorite items conducive to an active and healthy lifestyle

Training for Good

Fitness is great for your both your mind and body — But it can also be used for something bigger than yourself.

Fly Something New

From beginner classes to walks for mobility-challenged birders, Travis Audubon offers opportunities to try birdwatching in Austin.

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