Latest Health Trends in Austin

By Aaron Smith – April 6, 2022

Austin, Texas is a well-known hub in the health and wellness space. This is due in part to the city’s careful attention to health statistics as well as many of the wellness industry innovations coming out of Austin. But for those who are looking for new ways to improve their health or begin their fitness and wellness journey, what are some of the best trends to pay attention to? Here are a few of the latest health trends emerging from Austin that you may wish to incorporate into your day-to-day life. 

A Greater Focus on Outdoor Activities

People paddleboarding in Austin.

Most cities are hubs for business. Those who reside in these sprawling areas are often more focused on working their 9-to-5, accumulating more wealth or reaching career goals rather than prioritizing their health. But for many Austin residents, this doesn’t hold true. Austinites are known for highly valuing their wellness and taking unconventional paths to lead healthier lives. One way they accomplish this is by taking advantage of the thousands of acres of parkland available in the city. Whether it’s hiking, biking, walking or even outdoor yoga, getting regular exercise, as well as your daily dose of sunshine and fresh air, can do wonders for your health. 

Taking Advantage of Mental Health Services

Men in counseling.

Stressors abound in daily life. Whether it comes in the form of finances, career or even problems within the family, stress and anxiety can take a major toll on mental health. Fortunately, Austinites recognize the importance of seeking out counseling when these issues arise to get the necessary support to work through issues and discover more healthy coping mechanisms. Whether they’re pursuing individual therapy, marriage counseling or group therapy, Austinites are eager to work on their mental health just as much as their physical health. The benefits of prioritizing counseling are clear — in a 2021 study examining 100 different American cities, Austin ranked sixteenth on the list of mental-healthiest cities.

Emphasis on Holistic Healthcare

Holistic health care.

Healthcare comes in all forms, but that doesn’t mean everyone focuses on all aspects of their health and wellness. Residents of Austin prioritize holistic healthcare to ensure they’re targeting areas of their health beyond just mental and physical, such as spiritual, social and intellectual. This might mean visiting a reiki energy healer, life coach, nutritionist or primary care physician. For those in Austin, taking care of all facets of health is crucial to staying happy and healthy. 

Pursuing Alternative Diets

Paleo diet.

“Diet” is a term that often carries negative connotations. However, many diets today are focused on helping individuals achieve greater overall physical health rather than just focusing on losing weight. For example, consider diets like paleo or vegan. A paleo diet consists of foods you may have been able to hunt or gather in prehistoric times, such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Meanwhile, vegan diets may be best for those who want to cut meat out entirely as well as reduce their carbon footprint and maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle. Regardless of what speaks to each person, Austinites have adopted many of these alternative diets in their day-to-day life to improve their overall health. 

Chasing Shorter Workweeks

Man at work.

The concept of the traditional 9-to-5 doesn’t resonate with as many people these days, and that is especially true of Austinites. Many believe you can be productive without working 40-hour workweeks, and they appreciate that working less reduces stress and frees up more time to focus on the things that matter most to you. Whether this is achieved through entrepreneurship, which Austin is known for, or pursuing employment opportunities that offer more flexible schedules, Austin residents set the example of how to work in a sustainable way that boosts your overall physical and mental health. 

Austin Sets the Stage For What It Means to Be Healthy and Happy

Health can mean a wide variety of things to any individual person, but there are certain cities where more residents put in the extra effort to care for their health and well-being. The health trends listed above not only demonstrate how health-focused Austin residents are but provide you with many different ways you can begin working on your health as well!


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