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Al’s Ship of Fools

Al Cumming sits in a north Austin coffee shop, slowly drinking a mocha. He had tried — and failed —  to order a diet Coke, and…

Texas’ Top Swimming Holes

Krause Springs Spicewood One of Texas’ best kept secrets is Krause Springs. Privately owned by the Krause family, the springs are located in a 115-acre property…

The Future Of Fitness Is Here

Austin Sculpt and Tone approaches weight loss solutions with cutting edge innovations. As the only fitness spa of its kind in the area, they provide real…

More Days Off

Finding the motivation to work out can often be daunting, and making the decision to get out of bed and head to the gym is usually…

Community Corner: Water Safety

Most deaths caused by drowning are preventable. It’s important to know and understand water safety before you get in. Take these tips with you while hitting…

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