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Race Rituals

You brushed your teeth this morning, right? Ate a filling breakfast? And I hope you are fully dressed (well, this is Austin). You did these things…

Start Your Engines

When you ask most people what they think Austin is known for, “The Live Music Capital of the World” is often mentioned. This was a phrase…

Vegan Thai Ramen

April showers can keep you cooped up inside, so embrace the down time by curling up with a bowl of ramen noodle soup. The full flavored…

Olympian Profile: Trey Hardee

Within the decathlon, what is your favorite event? Pole vault is my favorite. It was my first love. It was my intro into track and field.…

New to Austin

fitppl fitppl was launched by Austin native Patrick Schecht in late 2015. He long embraced a simplistic, wholesome approach to eating but desired to have…

The Great Outdoors

Looking for an adventure? We’ve picked our favorite camping spots, challenging hiking trails and day trip escapes. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave Texas.

Healthy Living
Whole30 Diary

The Whole30 is a monthlong diet with a focus on eating clean, healthy foods. Not only does this serve as a hearty way to cleanse your body of processed food, hidden sugars, and inflammatories, but it’s also a reset button to foster mindful eating habits. AFM staff members Gretchen and Devyn took the Whole30 challenge and cut out sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, anything processed or artificial, and alcohol.

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