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Telling Menopause Who’s the Boss

If you’ve met me or seen my website, this won’t be a shock… I am NOT a woman.  I am a former professional athlete, football-playing man’s…

Chili Garlic Salmon

Serve this slightly spicy salmon with a fresh green such as bok choy to complete a simply delicious meal.NutritionCalories: 340Protein: 30 gFat: 19 gCarbohydrates: 10 gSodium:…

Fitness Wear with Breast Cancer

Exercise can be daunting; it can be especially challenging following a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Though working out may seem difficult, research has shown…

Making “Me” Time with Exercise

Having spent years working with women (and also being one), there’s no doubt that we are nurturers by nature. Putting our family’s, friends’, and community’s wants…

Send Us Your Recipes!

How do you fuel your fit lifestyle? We at Austin Fit Magazine want to know.November is our food issue, and we want to feature YOUR healthy…

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