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Chocolate Milk: Your New Recovery Drink

When it comes to your post-workout recovery, you may have more in common with your 5-year-old nephew than you thought. Because what kindergarteners have known for…

Time to Go Retro

I’m thinking about buying a Penny Farthing. It’s a turn-of-the-century high-wheeler, one of those late 1800s bikes with a giant wheel in the front and a…

Gear Up!

No doubt the latest and greatest fitness gear is evolving to make our workouts as efficient and effective as possible. In this month’s issue, we’re highlighting…

Product Review: Skin Strong

I was contacted through Austin Fit Magazine about a new skin lubricant product. I was asked what I used, and I told them I had used…

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

The spice of the peppers and chili powder is a nice twist on this classic American recipe. If hatch chilies are in season, try using them…

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