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My Technology Enlightenment

Feel like the majority of your time is spent looking at a screen? Perhaps it’s time for a “digital detox.” Sean provides his take, plus some helpful tips for becoming aware of your screen time habits so that you can be more present and productive this year.

Healthy Living
Discover: Kasita

Here at Austin Fit, we’re all about finding a fuller, simpler way of life. Kasita is doing just that, by building and designing tiny homes for…

The A-List

At Austin Fit, we pride ourselves on being original, well-researched and above all, fun. We’re excited to announce the addition of The A-List to our monthly issue — a curated list of our team’s favorite products and tips based on personal experience or expert advice.

New Year, New App: Tackling Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The biggest reason we fail at our resolutions is because they aren’t tangible, realistic goals to which we can hold ourselves accountable. It’s time to look at our resolutions from a new perspective! Here are some helpful apps to improve accountability and sustainability when it comes to your resolutions.


Do you want to start the new year with the latest detox? Save some time by reading through this expert advice first! Find out if you are approaching your detox with the right mindset and why it’s important to go beyond the physical.

Yoga Detox with Shanti Kelley

We sit down with Shanti Kelly, accredited IAYT Yoga Therapist, to get her expert advice on detox, including recommended diet, practice and intention-setting. To get more of her brilliance, check out her classes at Wanderlust and Practice Yoga Austin.