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Pure Pilates Austin

Pure Pilates Austin • 512-243-7510 • West Campus: 2222 Rio Grande, Building B, Suite 105, Austin, TX 78705 The Domain: 11011 Domain Drive, Suite 115, Austin, TX 78758…

Healthy Living
State of Current Trail Projects

“The Trail is where we all connect locally,” says Susan Rankin, Executive Director of The Trail Foundation. Literally and figuratively, her words are true for sure.…

Healthy Living
Should I Work Out Today?

Can I tell you a secret? Even the most active, fitness-loving people struggle to get up and workout. Everyone needs a little push sometimes. For those…

The Fantastic Five

Meet five folks who have overcome adversity, achieved their dreams and shattered expectations.

Anatomy of Push-Ups

Alternating Medicine Ball Push-Up Start in standard push-up position with one hand on the floor and the other hand on top of the medicine ball.…

FAQ: Don’t Feel De-feet-ed

Having hip problems? Back problems? Tailbone? Neck? These injuries can stem from the very root of your being—your feet. Dr. Andy Cassidy of Lone Star Podiatry…

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