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March Events You Don't Want to Miss

March 4 Austin’s ABC Kite Festival Zilker Park Let’s go fly a kite…at one of Austin’s most beloved traditions, the ABC Kite Festival! Thanks to ABC…

Magical Weekend at Austin Yoga Retreat

Austin Fit Staff got their community zen on at a two-day yoga retreat, “Nama’stay at the Native,” hosted by beloved Austin yoga teachers, Lizzie Aguirre…

Race Day Shoes

We Tried to Keep Pace with Skechers Performance Athlete, David Fuentes, to find out what to consider wearing when we lace up on race day.

How to Cater Your Fitness Routine to Your Personality

We dig into two approaches a strength coach can take when working with clients—and why both come down to adherence. Whether you’re a trainer or trainee, find out which of the strategies is best for your disposition in order to get desired results.

Healthy Living
Ask Sam Now: February 2018

Welcome to Sam’s hot sauna! Home of straight talk without the B.S. Open and frank advice on matters ranging from practical to taboo. Topics of discussion include fitness, nutrition, and sex—so ask Sam now!

Acro Yoga

This acro yoga inspired workout requires loads of trust and partner communication, including openness to your partner’s feedback. Doing a workout where you and your partner are each other’s gym equipment adds a new element of balance and awareness to your routine, not to mention the most important element—fun! To begin your journey with acro yoga, or sharpen your existing skills, visit Lache Movement Co. for weekly (beginner-friendly) classes.

Healthy Living
The Way The Cookie Crumbles

There aren’t many things better than indulging in a freshly baked cookie. ‘Tis the season of basking in the things we love—including all things sweet and sugary. Prepare your sweet tooth And your taste buds, because this month, we’re sharing the best cookies in Austin.

Is Avocado Toast the Perfect Meal?

You’ve likely heard about the avocado toast craze, but why has this simple meal turned into a cult-like movement? Find out why nutrition science proves that it’s more than just an Instagram-worthy trend.

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