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FAQ – February 2015

Q: What’s the best way to cut and de-seed a pomegranate? A: For as nutritious as pomegranate seeds are for you (purported health benefits range from…

Do a Freestyle Flip Turn

There is no time like the swimming off-season to learn how to do a freestyle flip turn. Do you touch turn when you swim laps but…

The 2015 GYM GUIDE

Stick to that New Year’s resolution you set in January. These gyms are here to help energize and motivate you to strive for, attain, and become the best version of yourself you can be.

Are you Really Hungry?

After five years of writing for AFM, contributor Anne Wilfong has decided to focus on her expanding nutrition counseling practice, Sparkman Nutrition. In her honor, we’re…

Engage the Lower Body to Enhance Upper Body Stability

This month, Diane Vives is at Of the Lion Fitness in North Austin with Head Boot Camp Trainer Courtney Carlisle, who is demonstrating the movements. This series of exercises is designed to focus on improving and strengthening shoulder stability to help those with shoulder weakness progress toward more dynamic movements.

Bumping It Up

These women didn’t let their pregnant bellies get in the way of their workouts.

The Skinny on Compression Wear

We decided to filter through the hype of compression wear claims—from improved power and performance to quicker recovery times. Here’s what we found.