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The Climb is Worth the Journey

Tata Urth Safari • Tata Urth Safari’s Gabriele Brown describes how the group came to be, and her hopes for their work in Tanzania. There is…

Anatomy of a Pose: One Footed Pose

Eka Pada Koundinyasana ​ The name comes from the Sanskrit words eka meaning “one,” pada meaning “foot,” koundinya for the sage of the same, and “asana”…

Stocking Stuffers

Hair Warrior $4 Frequent exercise means frequent showering, which isn’t great for your hair. Now you can sweat everyday and never worry about compromising hair health.…

Best Of
2015 AFM Best Of Awards

Our annual survey results are in! And now, we present to you the most popular people and places in Austin’s health and fitness community.

Healthy Holiday Hits

When it seems like all of your friends and family have varying dietary needs, prepare a holiday dish that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Prep for Ski Fun

If you are like me, a great vacation involves something active and energizing—like skiing. That’s why being able to go to your vacation with good mobility…

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