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Safe Travels

International travel starts with good planning. Before packing a single suitcase, it’s important to consider the health risks associated with different countries. So, making a trip…

Running Shoe Review Spring 2016

Finding the best shoe for you has traditionally begun by assessing the characteristics of your feet and gait, and then matching them with the features and…

Backpacking Essentials

Before you head out to explore the destinations featured in our cover story, look to these suggested items that REI’s Cindy Abbott recommends for your first…


Sports and Outdoors April 2 Horrible Hundred Austin High School Designed for elite and amateur athletes alike, The Horrible Hundred tests endurance, strength, power and speed…

Painless Travel

We’re cautious to prevent injury when exercising or competing, but seldom do we consider it during travel. With the immense growth Austin has seen, a regular…


Austin Fit was all ears as we listened closely while Dr. Emmy Wu of Capital Otolaryngology informed us about the best way to take care of our sound-sensitive organs.

Healthy Helpings

Although many teenage girls are blessed with fast metabolisms, it doesn’t excuse an unhealthy diet—especially one that is lacking in fiber. A study published in the…

Anatomy of Freestyle Stroke

Streamline This is your free speed off the wall, whether it's a start or a turn. It is the fastest moment of your stroke. Raise…

Easy as 1-2-3

The AFM FITTEST has a new test this year called the wall ball. This is an assessment of the total body speed, strength and power endurance that has been made popular in the CrossFit community. The movement is a combination of a front squat to a push press that finishes with a vertical toss. So, in the workout this month we will look at movement building blocks that compose this timed whole body test.