How to Host a Healthy and Safe Halloween Party

By Mia Barnes – October 6, 2022

Autumn is here, which means Halloween is likely on your mind. While thinking about which costume you’ll wear, you may consider hosting an event. You can see all of your loved ones and celebrate together without compromising your health and wellness. Read this article to learn how to host a healthy and safe Halloween party this year.

1. Provide Alternatives to Candy

Apple cider.

Everyone pictures bowls full of candy when they imagine a Halloween event, but you can also provide healthy alternatives for anyone who wants to eat more nutritious treats. Think about creating a fun menu with options like fruit cups made with orange rinds and carved with pumpkin faces. Organic apple cider, gluten-free muffins and banana popsicles with ghost faces are other creative ways to serve healthy food in entertaining ways.

2. Ask for Food Preferences

Make a guest list by thinking about which people you want to see on Halloween, then create a mass email or text to ask about their food preferences. Research shows that 10.8% of U.S. adults — or around 26 million people — have food allergies.

Asking a quick question about dietary preferences or allergies will help you create the best party menu possible. You’ll avoid accidentally leaving people out of the fun because everyone will get to enjoy what you provide.

3. Ask Guests to Self-Test

Your county or state could have an uptick in COVID-19 cases when Halloween arrives. If you’re nervous about the virus potentially spreading at your event, ask everyone to complete a 15-minute test at your front door. They can come inside when the test displays a negative result so everyone has more peace of mind about socializing indoors and outdoors.

Halloween party with kids.

4. Make Food Ahead of Time

You wouldn’t want to miss any Halloween fun while making food during your get-together. It’s better to make your party food early by planning your meals and snacks well in advance. If everything cooks the day before, you can spend more time with your guests and heat everything when people are ready to eat. You could also place your delivery orders as everyone arrives to save time.

5. Plan Outdoor Activities

As you learn how to host a healthy and safe Halloween party, consider having a few outdoor physical activities. The fall weather should be comfortable enough for games like cornhole or bobbing for apples. You could also carve pumpkins outdoors or paint them if you don’t want any sharp objects because kids will be in attendance.

Halloween painting.

6. Lock the Front Door

Crime experts report a 17% increase in crime claims on Halloween. People can become inebriated and venture into nearby neighborhoods while wearing masks and feel invincible. Homeowners generally unlock their front doors to greet trick or treaters, but this means it’s easier for people to break in.

Locking your front door may seem like a small way to keep your home safe on Halloween, but it’s a significant step in protecting yourself and your loved ones. You can live it up in your backyard or inside your house without worrying about robbers. It’s also a good idea to keep your garage closed while strangers wander up and down your street.

Throw a Healthy and Safe Halloween Bash

There are numerous ways to host a healthy and safe Halloween party this year. Think about who you want to invite, what they’d like to eat and what your primary safety concerns are to throw the best get-together. Simple steps like asking everyone to test themselves before entering and locking your door after handing out candy will make your Halloween much safer while hosting a fun night for everybody.


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