How CBD-Infused Spa Treatments are Changing the Game

By Michele Hernandez-Balero – January 27, 2023

One of the latest innovations in the spa industry is the infusion of Cannabidiol (CBD) into treatments. 

Though CBD is an active ingredient in Cannabis, it doesn’t produce a “high” and provides an array of benefits including stress relief, pain management and more. In fact, CBD was introduced into the spa world as an analgesic – it’s infused into body oils, lotions and creams to help provide relief in sore joints and muscles. 

Our body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which includes receptors throughout our body and serves a crucial role in regulating our body’s functions.  When your body experiences inflammation, overactivity or pain, CBD can help ignite the body’s availability to regulate and balance through the ECS receptors. This process can help decrease pain, protect nerves, provide stress recovery and balance the immune system.

CBD drops on table.

In Texas, we’re continuing to see the rise of CBD-infused products, so much so that even major grocery stores carry the product. With the increased interest in the product, my home base, Windflower Spa at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort, has recently rolled out a new treatment menu of CBD-infused spa services. 

The Wellness Benefits of CBD 

Some of the main benefits I’ve noticed when using CBD products are that my tension and stress levels are greatly decreased, and most of the time, they’re eliminated. I also feel a sense of relaxation, an increase in mobility and even more rested due to a better night of sleep. 

After receiving a CBD-infused spa treatment, many of our guests report that they experience relief in their tension areas as well as chronic pain relief in their joints and muscles. Guests who don’t normally experience chronic pain still benefit from the product, and they often tell us they leave their CBD-infused spa service with an additional feeling of relaxation. 

Additionally, when my mom was battling cancer a couple of years ago, she underwent chemotherapy treatments, which resulted in a lot of pain. I purchased her a spa-brand CBD-infused topical cream, which helped provide some relief and allowed her to reduce her pain medication intake. The impact of CBD on my personal life, my clients’ lives and the lives of my loved ones has made me a huge believer in the product, and I’m excited to see the trend of CBD grow here in Texas. 

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CBD at the Spa

Over the years, additional benefits of the topical application of CBD have been found, which has propelled the use of the product in spa services. Today, it’s easy to find everything from CBD bath bombs to infused water products. In the spa world, CBD can be used as a treatment protocol for nail services, facials, body wraps and, of course, massages. The addition of this product can be used as an enhancement to a service or to address specific concerns or anxieties related to the spa experience itself. As the assistant manager of Windflower Spa, I’ve especially noticed a major increase in clients requesting CBD services over the past year. 

Ask Your Doctor Before Using CBD

While CBD has many benefits, it’s never a bad practice to check in with your doctor to ensure that CBD is the right fit for you.  

When it comes to CBD-infused spa treatments, I also recommend you confirm the exact products that will be used in the service to ensure the quality and confirm that the products are 100% THC-free. CBD companies are required to provide a certificate that reflects any THC levels in order to stay within the laws of each state, and each provider should be able to share this information about their products.

About the Author

Michele Balero-Hernandez.

Michelle Hernandez-Balero is the Assistant Manager of the Windflower Spa at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. She has 20 years of experience working to provide incredible spa experiences in the heart of San Antonio’s Hill Country. 


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