Outdoor Dance Class, Picnic and Networking

By AFM Staff ā€“ April 22, 2022

Austin Business Woman:

Join us at 9:00 AM on April 29th for a kid-friendly outdoor dance jam class with Monica Landois and a networking picnic.

Venue and babysitters for your kids are kindly provided by Little Bears (Sputnik School). For kids 5 years and older the sitters will do a crafts class A Gift for Mom.

About the dance class:

Meet Monica Landois, a Mompreneneur who inspires others to live passionately and find a fun way to move their bodies. She has been leading unique group fitness classes in Austin for over 12 years. Her fitness classes are designed to uplift you in a positive community that leaves you wanting more. She is passionate about helping others build confidence through dance and movement. It’s an extremely powerful experience that changes people’s lives all around. She facilitates a healing space through movement that empowers you.

Monica is an Austinite and first generation here as her family originates from Monterrey, Mexico. She is bilingual and didn’t learn English until grade school. This was a challenge for her growing up. She loves encouraging others from different cultural backgrounds to create space for themselves confidently.

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