Lake Austin PADDLE SURF YOGA Class

By AFM Staff – June 17, 2022

Come float your athletic abilities to the next level with Paddle Surf Yoga. Paddle Surf Yoga is a combination of stand up paddling, yoga, pilates and surf conditioning on a stand up paddle board to create fluid strength & mobility while learning how to paddle, pop ups and balance in unique ways on a paddle board.

1-Improve whole-bodied coordination

2-Improve balance and focus with intentional grounded movement coaching called “gravity surfing”

3-Learn 3 dimensional breathing for increased presence and endurance

4-Build core-integrated connections to experience superior balance

5-Improve awareness and function of your feet

6-Endurance/cardio building

6-Practice surfing and yoga philosophies to create calmness and centeredness on an unstable environment and EXPAND your STOKE for nature, water and Life!

In this 90 min class students will receive expert level paddle boarding, movement and yoga instruction. Ease and conquer your fears as you learn how to position and move WITH the board and water to stay centered and connected for the most flow, fun & success! Learn the art of “yielding’ to the moving board and water instead of fighting and over tensing.

When we become in-tuned with the flowing waters outside & within, we tap into the most POWERFUL version of our natural self.

Fitness experience is highly recommended.

15 Min paddle skills warm up


20 Min Surf Style Paddle Training

10 Min Restorative Stretches & a relaxing floating savasana

Come Vibe with the SUP SURF YOGA Tribe!

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