Emergence Community Fitness Events

By AFM Staff – May 25, 2022

Are you looking to make new friends and connect on a deeper level?

Do you genuinely get excited for more community in your life?

Are you seeking to grow and become a better human in all areas of your life (work, fitness, family, friends etc..) ?

Have you had times where you struggled with your mental health or have had moments where you experienced difficulties?

You’re NOT alone!

We’re also human beings who realized we wanted to create opportunities to bring amazing humans together to celebrate our community and support one another.

We present Emergence powered by Life Beyond MVMT

A social fitness event to celebrate personal growth and create mental health awarness within the fitness community.

We go to gyms that share in our vision to celebrate, connect, move, play and grow as a community.

What can you expect?

A fun, transformational three hour experience. (12pm-3pm)

  • LEARN: Candid talks about mental health by community leaders
  • BREATHE: Intro to breathework
  • CONNECT: Fun ice breakers to meet new people
  • MOVE: Team Workouts that are doable for all levels (CF style without the scary)
  • GROW: Opportunities to share, listen and have authentic conversations
  • RECOVER: Intro to recovery methods such as sauna and ice baths (optional)
  • PLAY: Social time, games and music to have fun and make new friends

Our goal is to create an experience that allows you to realize you’re not alone on the journey and to provide a space for you to become the next best version of yourself.

Join us for a special day and together we can rise forth as a community.

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