Find the Best Workout Tech for You

By Aja Webber – October 15, 2021

From benches to barbells to treadmills, home gyms can be effective yet costly. The equipment and space that’s needed for a fully functional home gym are just not feasible for many people. In the past year, there have been more technological workout advances than ever before with the goal of taking up less space while offering more workouts. Whether it be the Peloton, The Mirror, Tonal or any others, these new exercise machines are becoming the future of home fitness.

Here we’ll take a look at the hottest new workout equipment so you can decide which is best for you.


Tonal is the new workout machine that allows you to get the weight-lifting workout you desire without the extra equipment. This machine looks simply like a flat-screen TV — perfect for any living room. Tonal uses magnets and electricity to create the effect of weights without the traditional metal component.

Included in the package there are smart handles and a smart bar which attach to the resistance arms, allowing you to switch the weight at any time. Tonal also provides an attachable rope, bench, a mat and a foam roller for all of your workout needs.

With hundreds of workout classes and up to 200 pounds of digital weight, Tonal can provide a great home workout experience for those looking to incorporate weight training into their routine.


For those looking to incorporate cycling into their workout routine, this new machine might be for you. Peloton is a stationary bike that includes hundreds of workout routines with different coaches and difficulty levels.

Peloton offers live and pre-recorded workout classes for you to choose from and you can even do them on the go through their app.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, an Austin native, got a Peloton bike during COVID.

“It’s great because if I’m not on my bike I can still do those things if I’m traveling or away from it. I’ve also gone to a couple of hotels that have had the bike and I’ve just been able to log in and do my routine there,” says Fitzgerald.

Peloton is a great option for those who want to implement more cardio-based workouts into their routine. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the basic package only includes the bike itself. For all of the added classes and equipment, you will have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

For those who are looking for a more weight training-based home gym, Peloton might not be the best machine for you.


Total Gym is an all-in-one machine that offers over 250 exercises using only your body weight as resistance. This machine is perfect for those who want to build muscle and core strength while avoiding excess stress on joints and muscles.

The machine allows you to work multiple muscle groups at the same time and switch between exercises easily, making it ideal for interval circuit training. While the machine itself does not include any workout classes, there is an option to add Total Gym TV which offers a variety of pre-recorded classes.

Total Gym is a great option for those who are new to weight training and want a simple yet effective way to build muscle from home. For those in injury recovery or with weak joints, this can be a helpful way to keep in shape while staying safe. Experienced weight lifters may want to opt for another machine such as Tonal so that they can increase their weight as needed.


This one is exactly what it sounds like — it’s simply a mirror. However, when you power it on it turns into a portal for any workout class you can imagine. All you need is two feet of wall space and your own body to get started.

Mirror offers live classes daily and one on one personal training sessions. Mirror is perfect for those who want a very discreet home gym, as this gym is a normal mirror when not in use.

If you are someone who likes to try a variety of workouts and switch up your routine frequently, Mirror could be for you. It is important to note that Mirror doesn’t come with any extra workout equipment, as it is designed to blend in.

Although Mirror does offer tons of classes using equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands, it will be up to you to purchase the extra equipment on your own.


For those who have always wanted to try boxing but are too scared to join a gym, FightCamp Gym could be the answer for you. FightCamp Gym includes eight foam mats, a free-standing punching bag, gloves and punch sensors that go inside the gloves.

Although there is no screen included, there is an app that can be downloaded on most Apple products like phone, tablet or smart TV. The workouts are personalized and progress as you progress.

The classes will start out by teaching you a series of punches to work on and give you more as you master them. Aside from the punching techniques, the classes incorporate bodyweight exercises in between reps to keep your heart rate up.

FightCamp Gym is perfect for those who want to get in a quick HIIT cardio workout from the comfort of their own home.


Although nothing beats the intensity of working out in a gym or studio with a bunch of other high-energy athletes, sometimes it’s just more realistic to get your workout in from home.

With these new technological advancements in the world of exercise, it’s possible to get the same quality workout at home as in any gym. To make it even easier, most of these machines include everything you need in one small space.

Instead of spending money on an entire home gym, consider one of these new machines to see which best suits your lifestyle and workout goals.


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