Father’s Day Gift Finds

By AFM Team – June 18, 2021

Father’s Day is coming up (soon), and that means finding the right gift for dad. Whether he enjoys working in the yard or spending time on the water, here are a few finds that could make the perfect gift to celebrate Father’s Day this year. 

For the Active Dad


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Recovery is an essential part of every workout. It can be all-to-easy to over-extend, overstretch or cause a slight tear somewhere. TheraGuns work to treat/massage deep muscle tissue — the ultimate post-workout gift! Prices begin around $299.

Glow Water Bottle

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Many of us struggle here and there to get in our daily recommended ounces of H2O, and dad might too. This smart water bottle is designed to glow as a reminder throughout the day to stay hydrated. Currently priced at $59.95.

For the Yard Dad

Lawn Aerator Shoes

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If your dad is a stickler for a good-looking lawn, think about getting him some aerator shoes this Father’s Day. These shoes work to make holes in the ground to alleviate compaction so natural elements and nutrients can reach roots. Plus, it can be a good way to get outside and get some activity in! Prices start around $20.

Neck Fan

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Most of the time, lawn maintenance will have to come to an end after a few hours under the Texas sizzling sun. With a neck fan, dad can stay cool while out working in the yard, garden or even just sitting out by the pool. Prices begin around $29.99.

For the Handyman Dad

Multi-use Hammer

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It’s always nice to have dad come out and help when something needs to be fixed, but tools and toolboxes can take up some major space in the garage. Help dad consolidate his workshop space with this multi-use hammer. Starting at $15.

Magnetic Wristband

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It’s tough to get in the middle of a fix-it task and realize you need to run out and grab supplies from another part of the house. Instead, think about getting a magnetic wristband for dad this Father’s Day. This one can hold onto nails, screws and other small items. Your home projects will be fixed before you know it! Starting at $12.99.

For the Grillin’ Dad

Cutting Board

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If you’re wanting to get a good gift that will likely be used almost every day, opt for a personalized cutting board. He will appreciate it every day! Prices start around $19.98.

Stainless Steel Spatula

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A spatula may not be at the top of your gift list, but this personalized spatula should be! For the dads that find themselves at the grill every weekend, this is an ideal gift — he’ll love it (and use it)! Starting at $19.95.

For the Lake-Loving Dad

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Can Insulator

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There are some things in life that are major bummers to a summer afternoon — including a drink-gone-warm. Keep beverages cool this summer with a trusty koozie designed to hold down temperatures for hours. Pricing starts at $24.99.

Inflatable Duo Float

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We Texans *love* our time on the water. This inflatable float can hold two people and even has a small space in between the seats for drinks. Simply inflate, add some ice and let dad kick back on the water with a cold one. 

For the Sports Fan Dad

Austin FC Shirt

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Dad’s got to represent his favorite city and new soccer team! Price starts at $19.99.

Clear Stadium-Approved Tote

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These days, most stadiums have a clear-bag policy. Worry not! Dad doesn’t have to leave everything in the car before heading in for the big game — check out this stadium-approved tote, designed to hold all of his game-day essentials. Starting at $6.99.

For a New Dad

Tactical Baby Gear

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Happy First Father’s Day to all the new dads out there! It can be tough to find a sturdy baby bag. Luckily, this one can hold all of the essentials and still look cool with military-grade quality. With this Tactical Baby Gear bag, there are a plethora of different little compartments to stow away all of your baby products from diapers to bottles. Prices begin at $134.99.

For Any Dad

Easy-Install Bidet

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If you’re looking for an item that dad will use just about every day, then a bidet is a good choice. This easily installable Tushy Bidet offers different pressure options as well as angle control. Prices begin at about $99.

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